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Beauty and the Bee-ast

I paid dearly to get this beauty a week ago today so I’m going to share it.  I just took my last dose of methylprednisolone thanks to an angry bee-ast that decided I was no longer welcome at the second most photographed scene in Parke County.

I like to visit Mansfield, Indiana, before and after the Covered Bridge Festival in October,  when there are very few people around.

Mansfield Roller Mill and Dam on Big Raccoon Creek in Parke County, Indiana.

Mansfield Roller Mill


A Shot in the Dark

I captured a cactus flower blooming in the dark! Believe me, it wasn’t easy, using only my kit lens.  Matter of fact it is one of the hardest things I have attempted since I got my Nikon. Ranks right up there with silky misty water and spider webs.

I love how the petals look like feathers.

Cactus bloom
Cactus bloom

My friend has had this six-foot cactus for 25 years or more and it has bloomed maybe the last 12 of those years. Not in the Southwest, but right here in the Midwest!

This year it had about eight buds, each one only blooming once, at night. Come dawn, they close up, wither and die.

My first attempt I arrived at her house too late – at dawn – and the flower had started to close. Aug. 28 was my second chance to capture the bloom in the dark. So this time I went to her house at night and only this bud was in full bloom by 11 p.m. No tripod; I had to stand on a chair to get level with this bloom while she held a flashlight for me to adjust settings on my camera.

So this is as good as it gets. Read more …

Cactus blooming in the dark.
Cactus blooming in the dark.