Bluebird of Happiness

I had to look no further than my own backyard.

What were the odds of this pair of love birds presenting themselves again? For fear of scaring them away, I took my best shot just outside my back door from about 50 feet. I zoomed. The focus was off and in another 250th of a second, they were, too.

While preparing entries for my first 4-H Fair in 2009, I conceived this notion that I could Photoshop the poor quality photo into a work of art.

I attached the original photo to the back of the matte to clue the judges, who later commented on my entry tag, “Very different. Color is nice! Pic on back is out of focus,” and awarded me a red ribbon. Guess they didn’t quite grasp the concept.

©Take Life to the Matte, Oct. 12, 2011


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