Top 10 Best Blessed List


1. Every morning, I count myself blessed that God has given me yet another day to celebrate His glory … an inspirational sonrise is always a double blessing.

2. Mom is still there when I need her.

3. After 3 boys, God gave me the little girl I always wanted.

4. My seven grandchildren: 1 football player, 2 preschoolers, twin toddlers, 1 rug rat and 1 still in the womb.

5. My best friend humors me.

6. My best friends from high school. After years apart, a brain tumor brought us close again.

7. My church family lifts me up.

8. My health is good.

9. My work family supports me.

10. I’ve given more than 30 of my best years to my employer … more years than all three of my marriages combined … and I still love my job.

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