Snow fashionably late

We woke this a.m. to another perfect example of Indiana weather. (There’s an old saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Indiana, just wait a few minutes, and it’ll change.”)

Christmas Day and yesterday, we wore T-shirts and long-sleeved cover-ups. Today we are wearing snow boots, gloves and winter coats.

The early morning hours were so quiet you could almost hear a snowflake drop. Huge snowflakes filled the air like goose down in a pillow fight, and quickly comforted the cold earth like patchwork on Grandmother’s feather bed.

Christmas snow is fashionably late, and keeping with Hoosier style.



Christmas Day: Here’s your “sign”

As an early birthday gift to myself, I joined a Signing For The Savior class in September. For three months we practiced Christmas carols and hymns to perform in churches and convalescent centers. As my Christmas gift to my church family, I signed the Lord’s Prayer and Silent Night on the fourth Sunday of Advent. Today, my Happy Birthday Jesus gift is to share this mission field with the world.


Instead of a singing angel, this signing angel was made by the hands of two of my dear friends. Her message is the universal sign “I Love You.” 

She and only one other like her were gifted to two special women whom God brought together to form His Signing For The Savior Choir.

“Mary wrapped the first gift” and today the Greatest Gift is love.

Merry Christmas