1 day ’til Christmas

I saved Christmas Eve to feature a very special ornament and favorite hymn: “We three kings of Orient are. Bearing gifts we traverse afar. Field and fountain, moor and mountain, following yonder star.” Since the boys at church couldn’t carry a tune, they got to be shepherds in all the pageants, and my cousin, Reta, and friend, Linda, and I got to sing solos of the next three verses, carrying our respective gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ child. For many years, as the third wise man, I sang “Myrrh is mine: Its bitter perfume breathes a life of gathering gloom. Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying, sealed in the stone-cold tomb.” Such somber verse is explained by the last: “Glorious now behold Him arise, King and God and Sacrifice. Alleluia, alleluia! Sounds through the earth and skies.” The life experience and “The Quest of the Magi” have guided me to the perfect Light.

“Wise men still seek Jesus.”


2 thoughts on “1 day ’til Christmas”

    1. Thanks. It is among some very dear ornaments I have collected for about 35 years. I like all your holiday posts and intend to view all your posts after the holidays. I would love to be in your shoes over there for a while. Maybe someday I will get to see it all in person. Until then keep sharing photos of your world for those of us who dream of visiting.

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