Wednesday WOWflower

I decided to give the recent twirling digital art tutorial at Digital Darkroom Techniques a whirl.

Contributing photographer Adrian Harvey explained how to create a twirling digital art effect in Photoshop Elements in eight easy steps. I had no problem following along and I had a lot of fun digitally manipulating eight of my photos.

We must have had similar subjects because my photo bares a slight resemblance to the example in Harvey’s tutorial.

Just to change things up a bit, I chose darken instead of lighten in Step 7 to produce a more dramatic twirl. I also decided to leave the photo in its original vertical position. The first thought that came to mind was Mardi Gras mask. Let me know your preference, light or dark?

Thanks, Adrian for sharing this technique. I have several other subjects I want to try and then I plan to move on to the next tutorial.


12 thoughts on “Wednesday WOWflower”

    1. LOL! LOL! LOL! at myself! Big Oops, and I am a copy editor! I know I should not rely solely on spell check! Think I will let it stand though, because you may be right! And your comment is too funny! to go back and edit it now! Hope you visit often because I need a good dose of these types of comments, critiques on my work. Thanks, Steve.

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