Wednesday Wildflowers, Etc.

Went mushroom hunting last weekend and didn’t find a one. I did find a few wildflowers, mayapples and a jungle of old tree vines, or what we call grapevines, strong enough a big kid could swing on from tree to tree like Tarzan. (I wanted to, but decided against it. I was safer holding onto just the memory.)

I had no idea that tiny green insect was there until I downloaded the photo to my computer. I don’t know my wildflowers, so if anyone can identify them, comment away.

The mayapples are up early this year.

This vine forms an archway.

A tangled mess. Maybe George of the Jungle’s failed attempts?

A twisted grapevine.

Sorry, no sighting of Tarzan or George or any wild man for that matter. 😦

Update: The yellow wildflower is a Trout Lily. See comments below by Bonnie, Mark and Dezra. The blue blossoms are what I suspected – violets.


13/52 Apple Blossom

I got reacquainted with my apple blossoms yesterday during an afternoon walk along the woodland skirting the edge of our front yard. A couple years ago, I had to fight for this tree’s survival because my lawnmower man threatened to “cut the d#&! thing down.” In a truce I agreed he could trim any limbs hanging in his way. But he has this love affair with his chain saw, pruner, weed whacker, etc., and tends to get carried away (see example below). So every spring spruce up, I have to remind him to leave ALL my trees (and bushes, and shrubs) alone, unless they have fallen or died, or I’ll break his d#&! big boy toys!

Photo of the Week series: Every Sunday in 2012 I will either share a photo from my archives or something new I just can’t wait to get feedback on for future art shows/exhibits.

Blogger participation: My hope is to receive enough input on each week’s photo to later post a Bloggers’ Choice of the Month and wrap up 2012 with a Bloggers’ Choice of the Year.

My lawnmower man’s recent handiwork.

Am I right, or what?