Wednesday Woody

For those who might not be familiar with trees indigenous to the United States, this is a close-up of a dried “burr ball” or “gumball” from a sweet gum tree laying on a mossy area in my yard in Central Indiana.

Wikipedia: The fruit is a woody multiple capsule 2–4 centimetres (0.79–1.6 in) diameter (popularly called a “gumball”), containing numerous seeds and covered in numerous prickly, woody armatures, possibly to attach to fur of animals. 

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8 thoughts on “Wednesday Woody”

    1. Glad you like the photo. We have had a lot of rain here. I waited until the mossy area near my creek presented a more colorful background. They are scattered about everywhere. Thousands of them. I will try to post more photos of this tree when it leafs out; they turn beautiful colors in fall. I hope to also show an example of the gum that oozes out. My dog Pooch chews on the dried fruit when it falls to the ground, and he thinks they are balls to play fetch. LOL. You can Google sweet gum tree for more information. Here is just one link

  1. These things are all over the ground outside right now. To me, they are ubiquitous and boring. But it occurs to me that others not familiar with them will find them fascinating. I keep trying to see my mundane world through the eyes of someone in a totally different culture, but I don’t do it very well. This is a great reminder of how something so normal to me is not normal to someone else. Love the photo!

    1. My thoughts exactly, Dezra. I was walking my property looking for the same colors of spring that everyone else is posting and it occurred to me that these little burrs under the saddle of my riding lawn mower man might look more “colorful” from a different perspective. So I looked it square in the “eyes” and shot it! I have some difficulty with close-ups so I was stunned how unique and curious this one turned out. Glad you love it. Thanks. 🙂

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