Mushrooms also popped up early in Hoosier forests this year. My son found a couple pounds of morels Palm Sunday weekend and I floured and fried them up for Easter dinner. Black, gray or yellow sponge, we pile them high between two slices of bread.

The annual Mansfield Mushroom Festival is the last weekend in April in nearby Parke County, Indiana. At auction, a pound of yellow morels goes for big bucks! Check out the Mansfield Village website.


13 thoughts on “Shrooms!”

  1. Exotic mushrooms are my favorite. I rarely ever buy button mushrooms anymore. I never realized until this post that I really want to go mushroom hunting. I also want to take a pig and go looking for truffles. Love the photos. Very beautiful.

  2. I was out taking pictures of trees yesterday and found some ‘shrooms, too. It’s useful to watch the ground after our rare rains because the ‘shrooms love the two or three days after the rains.

  3. I’ve never seen this type of mushroom here. Glad to know from your post that this is edible. I’d love to one day follow a course on mushrooms so that I can also do my own mushroom gathering in the forest without fear of getting the poisoned ones. 😉

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