Earth Day flowers, fish and friends

I was blessed with many photo ops on Earth Day.

We were almost late for church because I had to stop and capture these beautiful purple wildflowers growing in the woods next to my mom’s yard.

I couldn’t wait till church was out so I could rush back and photograph her purple and pink clematis.

My son’s friend caught a 6 pound catfish in the pond behind my house.

And I finally got to see a couple of my deer friends that move through my woods and backyard every evening.


16 thoughts on “Earth Day flowers, fish and friends”

  1. WOW! These flowers fascinated me… what a beautiful colours…. and amazing fish! he seems so lucky about fishing… And lovely deers…. how looking to you… They are so lovely, Thank you dear Sheila, have a nice day, with my love, nia

    1. Appreciate the compliments, Nia. The deer just stared at me as I walked toward them. About half way I was afraid I would spook them. Had to use my zoom, so not as crisp and clear as I hoped I would get. Every year, we have a large herd visit my backyard, and every year I try for the perfect shot. I love trying. They are shedding their winter coat so they look a little scruffy right now.

  2. Dear Sheila, this is so beautiful I mean they visit your backyard… I don’t have any experience with them… How I wished… But I should say Thank you once again because you introduce me with them and also you share such a wonderful moments through your photographs as I was there with you too… But I know, I heard about their shedding time… Have a nice day dear Sheila, with my love, nia

    1. Oh, no, we are river rats, born and bred. We throw back the little ones. This one will fillet out nicely and feed a family of four! He’s trying to catch enough for a big fish fry on his birthday.

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