Extra! Extra! Read all about it …

Sheila T Illustrated finally hit the 100 mark!

After 6 months, I am thrilled to welcome my 100th reader to my blog. (Although I now follow almost twice that.)

Before I proceed with this post, I want to thank each and every one of my readers … you know who you are … for all your comments, advice, tutorials, compliments and validation!

To mark this milestone in the life of my blog, I’d like to give Extra! Extra! recognition today to my 100th reader: Golappan on WordPress at ClickdPic.

Golappan is from India, presently working in Dubai. He has only been blogging since March and already has half the all-time views it took me 6 months to achieve. I don’t know how many followers he has, but I encourage my other 99 WordPress and 5 comment readers to check out his blog – in particular, an excellent slideshow on his grandmother’s village.

I share here his Gravatar and About statement: “I was not at all interested in creating blogs & sharing my thoughts, lazy in such things. But i was inspired & admired by a lovely & cute couple about blogging. I am not a professional photographer, don’t wanna be professional either. Interested in photography, but don’t know a single word about it. But clicked many pics by using a regular cyber shot camera & mobile cameras. Just love clicking through a common man’s eyes on what he likes.”


8 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! Read all about it …”

  1. thank you for the introduction to Golappan, I have only recently been following you and I would firstly like to thank you for looking at my pictures, I am probably closer to your 1000 reader as I’m sure you are heading there.
    As a new blogger and photo shooter, it is always nice to have as broad a spectrum of talent to follow, as this is how I see myself learning, and Golappan looks like a good guy to follow thank you.

  2. Wow…Thanks a lot Sheila. Never expected such a compliment, its a surprising shock for me. Seriously i am not as good as you in blogging, but i am trying to be. Such inspirations from you people, would make me a good blogger. Once again, THANKS A TON!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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