Drive-by: Fashionable Fencing


I caught a glimpse of this fence art a few weeks ago on my drive to a nearby county to pick up my granddaughter for a weekend visit. I have made it a habit now to keep my camera with me in the car for such occasions when I see anything unusual, out of the ordinary, “colorful”  in my daily travels through life. So last night, I finally pulled off another drive-by shooting. I had my granddaughter in the car seat, so I pulled to the curb, lowered the window and took by best shot. And like most drive-bys, I was gone in a flash!

I appreciate how this homeowner took their privacy fence to the next level. Since this house sits on a busy street, I like to believe the fence serves more as a noise buffer.  Instead of  “en guard,” it definitely says “entrez vous!”

I think it looks like an idea you might find in  Better Homes & Gardens or on Design on a Dime.

Photo update April 29: I dropped off my granddaughter first so I could get out of my car and stand in front of this fence for a better shot. The fence is edited more true to its original color; the sky was overcast so not as colorful as the first photo. But there are no shadows on this second photo.

Thursday Thrill: Pinwheel Twirl

I used a child’s pinwheel to create these twirls in Photoshop. To create the feature photo, I placed the pinwheel on a dark surface and did not use flash.

For the second twirling digital art effect, I used red material as background and flash. Then I applied what I learned from contributing photographer Adrian Harvey on the blog Digital Darkroom Techniques. For both, I also chose darken instead of lighten in Step 7 of Harvey’s tutorial to produce another more dramatic twirl.