Road trip to Orlando

My Best Friend does all the driving on family vacations which allows me a chance to shoot photos from the front passenger window. The sport mode on my new Nikon D5100 worked fairly well cruising 40 to 70 mph through Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

My personal favorite was this pastoral setting before we reached Orlando; keep in mind I only have the kit lens so I couldn’t bring the horses up any closer.

The car photo was taken in southern Indiana before crossing the Ohio River bridge into Kentucky. I got lucky with the “The Batman Building” (AT&T) on the bypass around Nashville, Tenn. This was the only shot that didn’t have a flying pole or treetop or other object smack dab in the middle of the building.

The Welcome to Florida sign and the trees draped in Spanish-moss whizzed by me pretty quick so they are a bit blurred.

Be sure to stop by on Sunday for my Photo of the Week. I photographed something more colorful and unique on a pit stop near Chattanooga.


8 thoughts on “Road trip to Orlando”

  1. I am surprised that your have had any of your super photos printed, matted, framed and entered into any shows by the River City Art Association, Inc., the Wabash Valley Art Guild or the Covered Bridge Associate Art Shows. I’m sure you would do well in either of them.

    1. I have been thinking about it. Don keeps reminding me to join RCAA. I have six ready for the Clay County 4-H Fair that will be ready for view at noon Saturday. Your comment is very encouraging. Thanks, Rob.

  2. I love the pastoral setting you were able to photograph. It’s very peaceful. My favorite, though, is the Spanish moss draped tree. It reminds me of my time in New Orleans. I wish we had those here.

    I’m so glad you’re having fun with that camera! We get to enjoy your guilty (or not) pleasure, which makes it ours, too. (Or at least mine!)

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