33/52 Orlando Anole

My daughter’s tomboyish friend caught this cute little lizard during our June vacation at Thousand Trails Orlando Nature Preserve and RV Resort. She held it against the brown wood siding of our cabin so I could take a couple close-ups and this green Anole quickly turned brown before my camera’s eye.

I read on a Google search that “Anoles do not change color voluntarily. They change unwillingly, but it still has significance. A green Anole that is solid green, is in good health. If a green Anole is brown for a prolonged period of time, it is either very stressed, or very ill. If a green Anole is temporarily brown it may be frightened, or cold – meaning it is darker to easily absorb more heat.”

I’m certain this one was just frightened. I’m glad I said no to “Can we keep it, can we keep it, pllleeeaaasssseee!” If I had said yes, they would have found a way to sneak a Green Tree Frog, two stray cats and a 10-pound tortoise into their luggage … sure grounds for immediate revocation of our campground membership!

Photo of the Week series: Every Sunday in 2012 I will either share a photo from my archives or something new I just can’t wait to get feedback on for future art shows/exhibits.

Blogger participation: My hope is to receive enough input on each week’s photo to later post a Bloggers’ Choice of the Month and wrap up 2012 with a Bloggers’ Choice of the Year.

12 thoughts on “33/52 Orlando Anole”

    1. Thank you, Val. Yes, he and the little green tree frog in my previous post were quite harmless and fun little creatures, but alas, the rules of our nature preserve protect the flora and fauna… as it should be.

      1. I’m glad I was able too. My WordPress has been bugged for a while now, so I haven’t had access to any of the blogs I follow, but now things are back to normal, so you can expect to see much more of me, and I can see much more of you. Yay!

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