Frightmare Friday 1/3

I conjured up these photo illustrations to celebrate my boo-thday month and my blog’s one-year anniversary today with WordPress. This spooky old tree and at least six apparitions haunt the entrance of my driveway.

I also turned my old barn and silo into a Halloween haunt. The coffin in the old prairie cemetery scene is really my great-grandmother’s wooden chest. And the ghostly profile is the family pet, Lazy.

More October chills and thrills next Friday!


8 thoughts on “Frightmare Friday 1/3”

    1. Thanks, Ann, for the compliment. Ah yes, I remember my 50th well! I treated myself to a trip to Oahu, Hawaii! Since my birthday comes first my wish is that you get to do something special and memorable. I like being an Oktoberfest baby and I love my opal birthstone!

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