Frightmare Friday 3/3

This haunted castle has an eerie presence – even in daylight. Notice the broken police tape. Was it caused by someone trying to enter or someTHING trying to get out! Did something horrific happened in the turret room. I didn’t dare peek inside! I did check all the windows just to see if a pair of eyes was staring back at me.

In reality, the house on the property has been vacant for some time and the tape is to warn passersby to the unsafe condition of the barn/carriage house (see original in gallery).

Again, I must credit for inspiring my trilogy of terror photo illustrations.

The greeting card is one of my Twirls that started out last fall as a real pumpkin.

My best friend’s semi actually has flames down its side, which sparked the idea to turn it into something more satanic!


6 thoughts on “Frightmare Friday 3/3”

  1. The old building is fascinating. The roof jutting out over high window reminds me of a barn, so this would be where they would use a crane or some pulleys to lift up bales of hay. But I’ve never seen a barn with a turret.

    1. Hi, Deb. According to the realtor listing, the small cottage also on this 10-plus tillable acre farm was built in 1910, I’m guessing with red clay brick made right here in Clay County, Indiana. The barn is made of large stones, and again I’m guessing, maybe limestone from the quarry in Bedford in southern Indiana. It is quite unique.

    1. Oooh, I shudder at the thought! If it were in good repair it would make an excellent haunted house attraction. I am tempted to ask the realtor to give me a tour of the place … in daylight of course! 🙂

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