WPC: Companionable

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mom was my traveling companion on a recent riverboat cruise on the Ohio River.

Mom on Belle of Cincinnati


14 thoughts on “WPC: Companionable”

    1. It may be the same hat; she has several hats with just about every color imaginable in roses and bandanas to match whatever outfit she is wearing. She gets compliments everywhere she goes. By the way, her nickname is Rose. 🙂

  1. What fun! There’s something so special about cruising on America’s great rivers! It’s all the more wonderful to share it with Mom (or daughter!).

      1. My daughter and I traveled on the Ohio River out of Pittsburgh, and on the Mississippi River out of New Orleans ~back in the days of the regal Delta Queen. Both trips were absolutely amazing. The memories are priceless!

      2. So true! My next plan is to visit Hannibal, Mo., and take a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi. We can’t go this year, but they have Tom Sawyer Days during the Fourth of July week.

  2. Nice that you could go on this adventure with your mom. I’ve never been on the Ohio River, just on its shoreline. Something to add to my bucket list. 🙂

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