When the circus came to town. I think back in March 2012, I had a meeting at church. I really didn’t want to see the show, I just wanted to take the elephant ride they had advertised and snap a few pictures. So I attended my meeting and got to the circus location just before the show ended and the elephants were nervously waiting outside, staked to the ground, in a make-shift pen of gate, police tape and circus trailers. I walked between two trailers, right into the elephant area and started snapping photos. I saw they were chained to stakes in the ground so I felt I was a comfortable distance away. That is until a circus employee yelled at me to back away before B.O.B. whacked me with her long trunk. I complied and talked with the handler from behind the gate where he explained why I almost gave him a heart attack. He said B.O.B. stands for “Bad Old Bitch” and with a 10-foot swing, she lives up to her name.

Anywho, these photos are poor quality, because by that time, it was getting dark and I had to zoom in from several feet away outside the pen.

For great quality photos of elephants, check out Bulldog’s blog.



6 thoughts on “B.O.B.”

  1. Nice captures, Sheila. Elephants were always my favorite circus animals. I remember as a child my father taking us kids out to watch the elephants help raise the ‘Big Top.’

  2. Several years back, here in Hawaii, the circus came to town. It was the last one to ever come and I say amen to that.
    One of the elephants got sick and tired being a circus act and went rogue. She trampled and killed her trainer broke loose and ran down the streets of Honolulu where the police finely caught up with her, cornered the poor thing and shot her dead. I say all circuses can just fold up and close because I believe the elephants, tigers and other wild things should just be that. Wild!

    1. Oh my, Karen, how horrible. Sadly the norm around here is to set up at a National Guard Armory, of all places! The last “real” circus I took my children to many years ago took place under “the Big Top” at a fairgrounds, which allowed for a much larger space for the ring and better security for the spectators.

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