Soybeans vs. Field Corn

Depending on the market and the weather, one can yield more than the other. And I guess you could eat both straight out of the field if you were starving … but that’s not the purpose of my post.

Every year a farmer rotates the crop in the field surrounding our house. The plus side of soybeans is that we get to see a lot of deer nibbling on the tender green leaves. The next year, the corn grows tall enough we could sun bathe or cut grass or just frolic in the nude if we wanted to. Only a low flying helicopter (and a government spyglass) could invade our privacy.

The beans draw the deer right up to our back yard. The deer also feel safe in our little corn hole in the wall – where they stop to nibble on the grass, leaves and fruit on our green acres before moving on to the next clearing.

We like the privacy of the corn but the height also blocks out the summer breeze and the sunrise. A healthy corn crop also serves as a sound barrier; we hear less traffic noise from the main road a quarter mile away.

This year we have a bumper crop of corn! If you look closely you can see the neighbors … barely … on the other side of the field.

Privacy Fence

As for capturing the wild life on camera, au naturale, trust me, you would much rather see four legs having a field day than two tip-toeing through the tulips!


8 thoughts on “Soybeans vs. Field Corn”

  1. I do hope this is not a GMO Crop. We have Monsanto a couple of blocks from us and it is not pretty. They have been wreaking havoc all over the islands. Them and their farm workers in Hazmet suits. Beautiful photo though.

    1. Absolutely not! How unfortunate for you, Karen, and the islands! Glad you like the photo but it was a quick snap just to illustrate our good fortune to live in a peaceful, isolated sanctuary where nature and man co-exist with, I believe, God’s blessing.

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