Tigers eye

Ok, I was trying to figure out the selective color effect on my Nikon D5100 … and I failed. My objective was to select just the eyes because they resemble the tigers eye gemstone.

Anywho, I decided I liked this black and white close-up enough to share.

I domesticated this gray tiger just before last winner set in. It was just a kitten when it was abandoned by its owner or feral mother, not sure which.

Gray Tiger


4 thoughts on “Tigers eye”

    1. She is pretty, thank you. I will have to post her in color at a later date. I would adopt more if I had the space and the means. As of now, we have three cats and two dogs. Number 2 cat I rescued from the flood here in 2008 and our Lola girl pit bull we rescued from very cruel people 😦

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