Fatigued grasshopper

Captured this camouflaged critter warming up in the morning sun atop a garden statue in my front yard. Maybe the fact that it hears through its belly explains why I was able to sneak up or it?

I used the Fujifilm Finepix T555 I bought my daughter to take on her summer class trip. The pocket camera has 16 megapixels and a 12x zoom. The grasshopper has tiny single lenses in the thousands x2 and a 20x broad jump.


Tigers eye

Ok, I was trying to figure out the selective color effect on my Nikon D5100 … and I failed. My objective was to select just the eyes because they resemble the tigers eye gemstone.

Anywho, I decided I liked this black and white close-up enough to share.

I domesticated this gray tiger just before last winner set in. It was just a kitten when it was abandoned by its owner or feral mother, not sure which.

Gray Tiger