So little time, so much to do!

Life has been a roller coaster ride since my last post in August. Through all the ups and downs, I managed to take a lot of photos, but with so much living to do, I’ve had so little time to process them.

Since I just today received a  notification from WordPress congratulating me on my Second Anniversary (this past Saturday), I thought I’d best be doing something to remedy that.

In the past couple of months: I won my very first award at my very first juried art show. I spent a night in a castle. I entered a photo contest (didn’t win, but my photo was juried into the exhibit).  I took a Turner Coach day trip to the scenic Ohio River valley. I delighted in celebrating my twin grandchildren’s 4th birthday. I am on a personal mission to help stop the tragic accidental deaths of children dying in their car seats in a hot car!

So with so little time, and so much to do …

I will back up to August and start with my photo on canvas titled “Under His Wing” that received the Paris Bridge Club Choice Award at the Midwest Photography Contest at the Bicentennial Art Center and Museum in Paris, Ill.

Under His Wing


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