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When the circus came to town. I think back in March 2012, I had a meeting at church. I really didn’t want to see the show, I just wanted to take the elephant ride they had advertised and snap a few pictures. So I attended my meeting and got to the circus location just before the show ended and the elephants were nervously waiting outside, staked to the ground, in a make-shift pen of gate, police tape and circus trailers. I walked between two trailers, right into the elephant area and started snapping photos. I saw they were chained to stakes in the ground so I felt I was a comfortable distance away. That is until a circus employee yelled at me to back away before B.O.B. whacked me with her long trunk. I complied and talked with the handler from behind the gate where he explained why I almost gave him a heart attack. He said B.O.B. stands for “Bad Old Bitch” and with a 10-foot swing, she lives up to her name.

Anywho, these photos are poor quality, because by that time, it was getting dark and I had to zoom in from several feet away outside the pen.

For great quality photos of elephants, check out Bulldog’s blog.