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Bridge Ladies

Keyaira in Mansfield Covered Bridge
Keyaira in Mansfield Covered Bridge

Took my mom and oldest granddaughter with me Sunday to add more photos to  my solo exhibit in the Gallery in Rockville. We stopped at two of the many covered bridges in Parke County. Keyaira is in the Mansfield Covered Bridge. Below: My mom in the Billie Creek Covered Bridge.

"Rose" in Bille Creek Covered Bridge, Parke County, Indiana
“Rose” in Bille Creek Bridge, Parke County, Indiana

Thanksgiving … where would we be without it?

I just read this blog post by my friend and co-worker and would like to share with believers as well as parents. The title of her blog is

Whispersnap, Inspiration for Parents

An idea board on enhancing family life (and more)

Have a blessed day tomorrow and enjoy the following food for thought:

Searching for the true meaning of Thanksgiving