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Aging with a flourish: “Rose” of Clay County is one of several young-at-heart in the Wabash Valley who refuse to let a slower gait and aging eyesight keep them from seeking amusement or social companionship. “Rose” never learned how to drive, has macular degeneration in one eye, and walks with a cane, but looks forward to karaoke nights and joining like-minded gadabouts on day trips and weekend getaways with a Terre Haute travel company. On this day last June, the septuagenarian boarded the Belle of Cincinnati at Newport, Ky., for a two-hour dinner cruise on the Ohio River.

“Rose,” color print, chosen Overall Winner in Aging in the Wabash Valley photo competition at Indiana State University; winners announced at March 27 reception and exhibit in Hulman Memorial Student Union on ISU campus. Local contest and exhibit in conjunction with appearance and photography exhibit, “Aging Across America,” by Dr. Jeffrey M. Levine. “Rose” is part of permanent exhibit in College of Nursing, Health and Human Services (the Arena) on ISU campus; will be on display in May at Community Theatre of Terre Haute; also to be featured in April-June issue of Arts Illiana’s Spectrum magazine.

Reindeer kisses

Pucker up!

Took another Turner Coach day trip in October to Hardy’s Reindeer Ranch in Rantoul, Ill.

This Flying Reindeer Ranch owned by Julie and Mark Hardy is open for tours Sept. through Dec. and I highly recommend it for kids from 1 to 92!

Their chuckwagon meals are top notch; the reindeer are gentle as kittens.

Watching a pumpkin shoot about a half mile from a cannon was a blast, or should I say splat!

Other attractions include a huge corn maze, paint ball games, wagon rides, Christmas trees, barn gift shop, Branson-style dinner show and more!

A few things we learned about their reindeer.

They did fly at one time … on an airplane from Alaska to Illinois.

Their hooves click, click, click when they walk … thus the reference in the Christmas song.

Honest to God, Julie says, they really do a reindeer dance when Illinois gets its first snow of the year.

They don’t jump fences as the deer around here would.

These reindeer LOVE graham crackers. Once when they CLIMBED a snow drift (their hooves are like snow shoes) over the fence they followed a graham cracker trail back home.

They give out kisses if you pucker up with a graham cracker.