Fall landscape

I had no idea the pea gravel we used to landscape our home was so colorful until I got down on my hands and knees for closer inspection.

“Pea gravel provides a unique appeal to a space,” according to PeaGravel.org. “The location where it was excavated will determine its undertones. There are reddish ones, rose-colored ones, egg shell colored ones and beige to gray colors. You can play with a variety of colors and tones of pea gravel to create depth and a unique look …”

Another blue ribbon winner in 2009. Judge’s comments: “Very pretty. Looks good. Like the colors.”

Below, the fall countryside at our place is even more vibrant. Our house is off the beaten path, tucked behind a tall stand of trees with corn and bean fields for blinds ~ privacy is only vulnerable in winter.


Psychedelic Grass


Just an area of grass and clover in my backyard. Flashbacks of the scratchboard art of the ’60s as well as black light of the ’70s told me to go with the concept. I chose a black matte with the same purple inside edging. A blue ribbon winner in 2010. 4-H judges commented, “Very interesting! I love the colors. Matte really goes well w/pic. Pic on back is a little out of focus, but looks good on front.” Yes! They got it! (See If I only had a brain … and Bluebird of Happiness posts for further explanation.)

Wikipedia.com: Scratchboard is a technique where drawings are created using sharp knives and tools for etching into a thin layer of white China clay that is coated with black India ink. Scratchboard can also be made with several layers of multi-colored clay, so the pressure exerted on the instrument used determines the color that is revealed. Scratchboard can be used to yield highly detailed, precise and even textured artwork.

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