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Side by Side Show

Creating two new photography-based digital abstracts for a Side by Side Show June 18-July 11 at Gaslight Art Colony in Marshall, Illinois was an exciting challenge and rewarding experience!

The prospectus for this show encouraged a photographer and another artist to share two points of view on the same subject. The two mediums are then displayed side by side in the gallery.

Until this show, I have only used my original photographic images to design my abstracts.

For this unique theme, I collaborated with artist friend Todd Stokes who provided his original photos of a rotary phone dial and a yellow flower classified by a Google search as Coreopsis, similar in appearance to daisies.

A close look at “Conversation Piece” hints to its origin, but no one could ever guess the original image used to create “Clowning Around.” Both are perfect examples of the abstract in nature designs I love to create!

The entire show is a unique viewing experience for gallery patrons!


Another Abstract in nature

I’ve posted my COVID in Nature (dramatization of a seed pod from the Sweet Gum Tree) earlier. But today I’ve added my “Window Box,” which I had float mounted on clear acrylic to represent glass in a window. The flower box – on high gloss aluminum panel – is actually a manipulated photograph I made of an orange Day Lily.

Both of these abstracts in nature are on display in the “Abstract April” show now through April 25 in the Covered Bridge Art Association Gallery in Rockville, Indiana.

Created during the coronavirus pandemic, COVID in Nature debuted in August 2020. This “Abstract April” show was the debut for “Window Box.”

Both did not place.

COVID in Nature RCAA 12th Annual Exhibition Fall 2020