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Beauty and the Bee-ast

I paid dearly to get this beauty a week ago today so I’m going to share it.  I just took my last dose of methylprednisolone thanks to an angry bee-ast that decided I was no longer welcome at the second most photographed scene in Parke County.

I like to visit Mansfield, Indiana, before and after the Covered Bridge Festival in October,  when there are very few people around.

Mansfield Roller Mill and Dam on Big Raccoon Creek in Parke County, Indiana.

Mansfield Roller Mill



Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Mansfield Roller Mill beyond the window of Mansfield Covered Bridge
Mansfield Roller Mill through the viewing window of Mansfield Covered Bridge.

Another pic from my Jan. 6, 2013, stop inside the Joseph J. Daniels covered bridge in Mansfield Village in Parke County, Indiana. The 1867 bridge spans the Big Raccoon Creek. The Mansfield Roller Mill beyond was built in the 1820’s.

Mansfield Roller Mill and beyond

The viewing window of the 1867 Mansfield covered bridge frames the Mansfield Roller Mill, dam, Big Raccoon Creek and homestead beyond.