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A Dollycious Surprise

My friend Dolly at AllAboutLemon surpised me with another award and a special gift on Memorial Day weekend.

Thank you so much, Dolly!

And now I would like to mention a special lady I feel so much more worthy of this recognition.

Visit with Renee Robinson at Nae’s Nest. She is beautiful inside and out! Her life story is  inspirational. Her poetry and other writings, beautifully illustrated, are moving.


Niasunset and sheila365 to the rescue!

Thanks, ladies! With your help I have solved my problem! Anyone reading this post with similar problems (See original post below), check out the help given by bloggers niasunset and sheila365 in the comment section below.

HELP: Not getting email updates AT ALL!

HELP! I tried to remedy the WordPress comment follower problem. My settings still show all the blogs I follow and that I should get an instant email update when they post something new BUT I AM NOT GETTING EMAILS AT ALL! ARRGGG!

In the meantime, I have to go through my blogs/follow list, which is frustrating because not all bloggers update daily, and now it takes me even longer to check out what’s new on everyone’s blog! 😦

Can anyone help?