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Abstractions in solo show at Country Club of Terre Haute have forever homes

2018 CBAA Associate Members Show-a rose Blossoming Madly

I am honored to announce that two of my photography-based digital art abstractions featured in my solo show in the Country Club of Terre Haute have forever homes.

In April, a rose “Blossoming Madly” caught the eye of a young mother dining with family at the Country Club in the Allendale area of Terre Haute.

Abstract of wildflowers in May

And on Mother’s Day, I was surprised by daughters of a Terre Haute woman wanting to honor their mother with her favorite among all the artwork, “(Lavender Blue) Dilly Dilly.” (By coincidence, I must note that the original for this abstraction was an image I made of wildflowers in May a few years ago.)

Both images  and their titles spoke to these daughters’ and mothers’ hearts in a special way and that makes my heart sing!

You see, both of these images and titles are unique to me and hold special meaning for me. Growing up, my mother’s nickname was “Rosebud” and in later year’s “Rose.” I also grew up with a love for one of my Dad’s favorite folk singers, Burl Ives, and the original version of “Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly).”

Several other abstractions are featured through mid-June in Arts Illiana’s Community Outreach Gallery space in the Country Club of Terre Haute.

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Lavender blue … Lavender green

I titled this whimsy Dilly, Dilly because the colors reminded me of a song by Burl Ives, one of my Dad’s favorite American folk singers.

Also because a dilly, by definition, is something unusual, extraordinary, remarkable, similar to the abstracts I like to create from a photograph I have taken. This whimsy, or dilly, I created from an image of lavender wildflowers in May in a luscious green woods nearby.

According to Wikipedia, Ives’ version of the 17th-century English song “Lavender Blue” became his first hit and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song for its use in the 1949 Walt Disney film, So Dear to My Heart.

After listening to Lavender Blue (and other Ives ballads) in my impressionable years, the Snowman in the holiday TV special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and his songs became so dear to my heart!

This photo abstract pulls warm and fuzzy memories from the deep recesses of my mind!

Thank you, Daddy … and “Big Daddy”!

Abstract of wild flowers in May
Dilly, Dilly: Abstract of wild flowers in May