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Fall Color Update

Mansfield Gristmill and Covered Bridge on Big Raccoon Creek in Parke County, Indiana
Mansfield Grist Mill and Covered Bridge on Big Raccoon Creek in Parke County, Indiana

Okay, this is the best I could do without a zoom and a tripod on a quick drive-by through Mansfield, Indiana, and nearby countryside just to guage how the fall colors will present themselves by Oct. 10. The Parke County Covered Bridge Festival runs through Oct. 19.

Parke County countryside on Oct. 4, 2014.
Parke County countryside on Oct. 4, 2014.

All signs are hopeful!!


“Rivers & Waters” art show: Bridgeton Waterfall

Here is my latest work on display with the River City Art Association in Terre Haute, Indiana.

“Bridgeton Waterfall” in May at Bridgeton in Parke County, Indiana.

“Bridgeton Waterfall” and its companion piece, “Froth,” showcase Big Raccoon Creek that flows beneath the Bridgeton Covered Bridge and over the dam, creating a waterfall alongside the Bridgeton Grist Mill as it meanders through Parke County, Indiana to the Wabash River.
The most photographed scene in Parke County was even more captivating on May 18, 2013 as the swollen creek spilled over limbs of a large tree left on the dam by recent floodwaters.
The water’s surface sparkled like diamonds in the afternoon sun and trees on an island just a few yards downstream cast shadows on the dam, adding a hint of blue to the gold in the waterfall’s curtain.
My adrenalin rushed faster than the water over the dam as I dangled my upper torso precariously over a stone barrier to position my camera as far down and away from the wall as I could to capture the colors of the dam as well as the cascading effect of the water falling over the tree limbs to the pool of foam below.
Click here to view a news release on the “2013 Year of the River” art show in the Terre Haute Tribune-Star.