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Wordless Wednesday


Fall landscape

I had no idea the pea gravel we used to landscape our home was so colorful until I got down on my hands and knees for closer inspection.

“Pea gravel provides a unique appeal to a space,” according to PeaGravel.org. “The location where it was excavated will determine its undertones. There are reddish ones, rose-colored ones, egg shell colored ones and beige to gray colors. You can play with a variety of colors and tones of pea gravel to create depth and a unique look …”

Another blue ribbon winner in 2009. Judge’s comments: “Very pretty. Looks good. Like the colors.”

Below, the fall countryside at our place is even more vibrant. Our house is off the beaten path, tucked behind a tall stand of trees with corn and bean fields for blinds ~ privacy is only vulnerable in winter.