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4/52 USS Flagship Hotel :(

Photo of the Week series: Every Sunday in 2012 I will either share a photo from my archives or something new i just can’t wait to get feedback on for future art shows/exhibits.

The USS Flagship Hotel in Galveston, Texas, was structurally damaged beyond repair by Hurricane Ike in 2008. I’m glad I got to visit the seawall in 2010 before they demolished this one of a kind landmark in 2011. So sorry, Galveston, for your loss! 😦

My photo pales in comparison to those by professionals on the Web.  The following links will give you a better look and background on the significance of this lost treasure.



The following YouTube video is a must see. I haven’t learned enough sign language to understand what the woman in the video is saying. But the picture she paints with her hands speaks louder than words! After watching this one, check out the video she posted on the Hooters that was lost at sea! Both documentaries of Ike’s wrath in the Gulf of Mexico are so dramatic, traumatic!

Blogger participation: My hope is to receive enough input on each week’s photo to later post a Bloggers’ Choice of the Month and wrap up 2012 with a Bloggers’ Choice of the Year.