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‘Pareidolia: Breaking the Surface’ takes Best of Show

On June 30, I was notified that I had received the greatest honor an artist can achieve as an associate member of Covered Bridge Art Association in Rockville, Parke County, Ind.

My entry for the July 2014 Associate Members Show,  “Pareidolia: Breaking the Surface,” in the 3D category, received First Place and Best of Show. It is on display in The Gallery on the square in Rockville through July 27. As the top winner, the CBAA awarded me a solo exhibition in August 2015!

Pareidolia: Breaking the Surface
Pareidolia: Breaking the Surface

I included this artist statement with my entry:

“The image was captured while I sat along the edge of Big Raccoon Creek in Mansfield, Ind.

I purposely chose the glossy finish of an aluminum panel to highlight the rich colors of stone and moss secreted just below the surface, and a frame of tempered glass with a glacier pattern to enhance the perception of water in motion. The base ­– sandstone cut from the Mansfield quarry – complements the rock in the creek bed.

Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon of seeing faces, figures, or animals in clouds, tree bark, wood grain, rock, marble, sand, smoke, shadows, water or any non-homogeneous area where they do not actually exist.

I did not know until I downloaded the image to my computer that I had captured, in camera, what I see as a perfect example of pareidolia breaking the surface.”

For those who may not see what I see in the image … the piece is subtitled “Dog Paddling Past Mansfield.” Now do you see what I see?

At this same show, my “Peach Bandits” image on watercolor giclee paper and framed in a tree bark textured frame, took Third Place in the Photography category.

Peach Bandits on Watercolor Giclee Paper
Peach Bandits on Watercolor Giclee Paper

I am blessed and sincerely thank the Covered Bridge Art Association for the opportunity to achieve this great honor … and in my first year as an associate member!!




Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Mansfield Roller Mill beyond the window of Mansfield Covered Bridge
Mansfield Roller Mill through the viewing window of Mansfield Covered Bridge.

Another pic from my Jan. 6, 2013, stop inside the Joseph J. Daniels covered bridge in Mansfield Village in Parke County, Indiana. The 1867 bridge spans the Big Raccoon Creek. The Mansfield Roller Mill beyond was built in the 1820’s.

Mansfield Roller Mill and beyond

The viewing window of the 1867 Mansfield covered bridge frames the Mansfield Roller Mill, dam, Big Raccoon Creek and homestead beyond.