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History’s Mystery: Cemetery of the Unknown

I tried my best to solve the mystery behind Otter Creek Cemetery in time to post for Memorial Day. The signage indicates that a long time has passed since someone was buried on this Brazil, Indiana, stretch of country road. I climbed the embankment to find no headstones, no visible sign that someone’s loved ones were buried there.

I talked to a woman at the Clay County Historical Society and I Googled … no immediate information about the cemetery, let alone an explanation as to why there are no grave markers on this grassy knoll. Were the graves moved, and if so, when and why? Is it an old family plot and the markers disappeared generations ago? Was it a county cemetery for the poor and downtrodden?

The two American flags indicate that someone out there knows that at least two brave souls were laid to rest there … who were they …  in what war did they serve?

I hope the historians and genealogists find answers to my questions and more … because this is definitely one mystery that needs to be solved.

It would be the honorable thing to do!


Sunday Replays: January Photo of the Month

Time to replay January photos featured in my 2012 Photo of the Week series.

January had five Sundays thus five photos for WordPress bloggers and Internet browsers to “like” or send comments to help select my first Photo of the Month. I will continue to post a POW and the POM thoughout 2012, culminating with everyone’s pick for Photo of the Year. I encourage everyone to comment on or rate each photo of the week to ultimately decide my “Best of the Best.”

The January “high five” goes to 2/52 Gwynn’s Island.

5/52 Freeze-Dried Mystery and 4/52 USS Flagship Hotel 😦 tied for second. (I think everyone liked the Flagship post for its sad story rather than my photo.)

And 3/52 Hibiscus beat 1/52 Snake! with a stick!