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POLL: Nose out of joint (mental picture)

POLL: Facial tissues with lotion or without?

I pose this question with an apology if I insult some sensibilities, but I just have to get the minutiae … achoo! … congesting my thoughts … achoo! … off my chest, so to speak.

Everyone has their personal preference when it comes to clearing their nasal passages. Both are better than a cloth snot rag tucked inside a pocket, or worse yet, the hold one nostril closed and snort technique. Yet I have a nose to pick (sorry) with tissues infused with lotion.

I concede that they are gentle on the face, especially now during cold and flu season… IF … you are just dabbing the persistent drip, or covering a cough or sneeze. And I’m sure the softer option is a godsend to those who suffer year-round with allergies.

BUT … you can’t clean your glasses with them, they don’t stick to a razor cut, and they glide off the nostrils during the collection process, smearing mucus across your upper lip. It takes a dry tissue to grab hold and adequately absorb what a lotion tissue leaves behind.

Of course this point is moot as far as my best friend is concerned. His first pick (again, :() requires a brawny “quicker picker upper.”

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