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Capt. Banjo Bob

Thanks to Captain Banjo Bob on the Belle of Cincinnati and our travel guide Annette with Turner Coaches Air, Land, Sea, Rail in Terre Haute, Indiana, my mom and I had an enjoyable day trip to Newport, Ky., in June. This and the previous eight posts document our BB Riverboats cruise on the Ohio River and our afternoon at Newport on the Levee.

Capt. Banjo Bob

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Actually this post is about the fountain at Newport on the Levee at Newport, Ky.

Newport on the Levee fountainAt first glance it looks as if fire is spewing from the same holes as the water; on closer examination, the optical illusion is explained.

Fire and WaterI guess the illusion of fire comes from the lights reflecting on the water.

Optical IllusionOn this last one it looks as if the same stream of water arcs into opposite holes, which is not the case.

Click here to learn more and see a photo of this same fountain at night … beautiful!