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Purple People Bridge (and a Big Mac)

The Purple People Bridge spans the Ohio River from Cincinnati to Newport, Ky. It is an historic pedestrian-only bridge. Officially named the Newport Southbank Bridge, the Purple People Bridge connects Pete Rose Way in Cincinnati to Third Street in Newport.  Motorists in the Cincinnati, Covington, Newport area use the “Bic Mac” and 7 other bridges to cross the river.

Purple People Bridge

The Purple People Bridge  has its own website: Check it out to see why it is purple (Scroll to the end of the web page).

Purple People Bridge

You can see a bit of  the “golden arches” of the “Big Mac” bridge on the right.

Here are a couple more views of both bridges from my recent trip to Newport, Ky.

Purple People and Big Mac bridgesBig Mac bridge


Travel theme: Sculpture

Diana’s Crown is a sculpture of sorts.

According to the tour guide on my recent trip to Newport, Ky., the top of the Great American Insurance Group building across the Ohio River in Cincinnati is referred to as Diana’s Crown, that of Princess Diana of Wales, and because Cincinnati is considered the Queen (Crown) City of Ohio.

Diana's Crown

Cincinnati: Crown city of Ohio