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Beetle Juice

Ah, shucks …  just a beetle (?) on a succulent ear of fresh corn husk … and another post for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh!

Corn beetle


12/52 Towering Inferno

I live nowhere near an ocean, desert, mountains or open range. But I am blessed to live in a rural area where I can photograph a sunrise  a country mile away from my back yard without any power lines or manmade structures spoiling the view. Not the case with a sunset. I would have to drive around for a while and waste gas to find another sweet spot on the other side of town. Oh, bother!

But on this occasion, the clouds were on fire in an unusual pattern across the sky. I grabbed my camera on the fly. The sun was sinking faster than I could safely drive to get to an open field where I thought the nearest power lines would be a good half mile away behind a stand of trees.

Camera ready, on landscape setting, I stopped on a north-south road, and with no time to even exit the car, I zoomed in on the sunset from the driver’s seat through the open passenger seat window. (Note: I have trouble with definition when I zoom.)

No room for error, I held my breath, I snapped, and I hoped for the best.

“Not good, but not too bad,” I told myself, “I did manage to get half the sun before it dropped out of sight behind the trees.” But wait, what the ?

I had no idea the zoom was also pulling up a cell tower on higher ground another country mile way. So there it stood smack dab in the middle of my burning desire to capture a unique sunset! Boy, was I hot! but only for a flickering moment.

The tower does sort of look like a natural gas drilling rig on fire. “Hmm, not too bad!”

My ire quickly extinguished, I vowed to spend whatever time and gas it takes to find a sweet spot on the west side of town. No more chasing sunsets. Just like my sunrises, if I just sit and wait God will bring them to me! Lesson learned!

Photo of the Week series: Every Sunday in 2012 I will either share a photo from my archives or something new I just can’t wait to get feedback on for future art shows/exhibits.

Blogger participation: My hope is to receive enough input on each week’s photo to later post a Bloggers’ Choice of the Month and wrap up 2012 with a Bloggers’ Choice of the Year.