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Retitled: Toward the Light

Toward the Light
Toward the Light by Sheila K. Ter Meer

Here’s another abstract digital art piece similar to my previous posts titled “Star Trails” and “God Bless Texas.”

“Toward the Light” was created using the same traditional photo, digitally enhanced and transformed using Photoshop filters.

(Originally created around Christmastime, I first titled this piece “Star of Bethlehem.”)

Thursday Thrill: Pinwheel Twirl

I used a child’s pinwheel to create these twirls in Photoshop. To create the feature photo, I placed the pinwheel on a dark surface and did not use flash.

For the second twirling digital art effect, I used red material as background and flash. Then I applied what I learned from contributing photographer Adrian Harvey on the blog Digital Darkroom Techniques. For both, I also chose darken instead of lighten in Step 7 of Harvey’s tutorial to produce another more dramatic twirl.