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Frightmare Friday 3/3

This haunted castle has an eerie presence – even in daylight. Notice the broken police tape. Was it caused by someone trying to enter or someTHING trying to get out! Did something horrific happened in the turret room. I didn’t dare peek inside! I did check all the windows just to see if a pair of eyes was staring back at me.

In reality, the house on the property has been vacant for some time and the tape is to warn passersby to the unsafe condition of the barn/carriage house (see original in gallery).

Again, I must credit picmonkey.com for inspiring my trilogy of terror photo illustrations.

The greeting card is one of my Twirls that started out last fall as a real pumpkin.

My best friend’s semi actually has flames down its side, which sparked the idea to turn it into something more satanic!


Frightmare Friday 2/3

For the second post in my trilogy of terror photo illustrations … ta-da!

This building in New York City gave me a great idea for a Halloween greeting card. If you can identify it, please let me know.  (Hope this helps: We took the Manhattan Bridge from the Pier 17 side of the East River and this building was the first photo I took after crossing the bridge.)

Anyone who has  seen the Harry Potter movies or visited Universal Studios in Orlando will recognize Hogwarts Castle. The photo I took during our June vacation was a no-brainer for another Halloween photo illustration. And then something spooked my little pony into a fright-mare. (That something was the online photo editing program that I forgot to credit in my previous Frightmare Friday post – thank you, picmonkey.com!)

The frightmares continue next Friday!