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2012 Photo of the Year: Lola Girl

I greatly appreciate all those who followed my Photo of the Week series in 2012. Your ‘likes’ and star ratings helped select the 12 monthly finalists from which determined the No. 1 Readers’ Choice worthy of the 2012 Photo of the Year award.

Lola Girl

Lola Girl of 16/52 Whatever Lola wants … takes No. 1 honors with 33 ‘likes’ and 3 five-star ratings. She won April Photo of the Month honors paws down.

Beauty of 39/52 Beauty and the beasts was a close second with 32 ‘likes’ and 3 five-star ratings.

My dying friend in 21/52 Singin’ the blues came in third with 29 ‘likes’ and 5 five-star ratings.

I thank you and  Lola thanks you for your readership, your friendship and your WordPress kinship.

We wish a healthy, prosperous and Happy Blogging New Year to all!


Sunday Replays: April Photo of the Month

Time to replay April photos featured in my 2012 Photo of the Week series. Thanks to all WordPress bloggers and other readers who sent me a “like” or comment to help select my April Photo of the Month.

Our pit bull Lola Girl is the winner, paws down! You can read her stats at 16/52 Whatever Lola wants …

Runner-up is 18/52 “That’ll do, donkey” and my bodyguard, Pooch, in 14/52 Mean Little Pucker! has a slight lead over 15/52 Legend of the Dogwood. Last place went to 17/52 Help! My people skills suck!

An honorable mention goes to my dachshund friend Rowdy featured in “And the Wiener is…” Had he been a Sunday feature, he would have tied for second place!

Click on the Photo of the Week link in my Categories list to view all photos featured in my Sunday series since January.

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I will continue to post a POW each Sunday and the winning POM thoughout 2012, culminating with everyone’s pick for Photo of the Year. I encourage everyone to comment on or rate each photo of the week to ultimately decide my “Best of the Best.”