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Artwork by RCAA’s Sheila K. Ter Meer in Arts Illiana Gallery ‘Self Portraits’ exhibition

Born on the Libra-Scorpio Cusp for Arts Illiana

This abstraction of my conflicted self, titled “Born on the Libra-Scorpio Cusp,” has been selected for “Self Portraits: The Original Selfie,” the current exhibition in the Arts Illiana Gallery in Terre Haute, Indiana.

My digital art and other “Selfies” selected by guest curator and Terre Haute artist Rachel Hellmann can be viewed through July 21 in the gallery at 23 N. Sixth St.

The full title is “Middle Child Born on the Libra-Scorpio Cusp.”

A brief explanation (because it would take several minutes and space here to explain the imagery cocooned by the two opposing profiles):

The Libra-Scorpio Cusp – Oct. 20 through 26 – also is referred to as the Cusp of Drama and Criticism.

I was born a middle child on the middle date of this transitional phase. (The drama – and passion – begin.)

So you ask, which of these signs of passion pulls me stronger?

According to DailyHoroscope.com … “The greatest challenge for Libra-Scorpio cuspers is to balance the mental nature of Libra with the emotional side of Scorpio.”

I believe God predetermined my birth date and birth order, but I must admit, the traits of a Libra and a Scorpio combined with the clinical explanation of middle child syndrome often fit my psychological profile to a T !

When it comes to my artwork, I am my own worst critic.


Born on the Libra-Scorpio Cusp, abstract digital art by Sheila K. Ter Meer of Brazil, Indiana

“Born on the Libra-Scorpio Cusp” by River City Art Association member Sheila K. Ter Meer of Brazil, Indiana, is one of 55 pieces selected for “Self Portraits: The Original Selfie,” the current exhibition in the Arts Illiana Gallery in Terre Haute.

Guest curator and Terre Haute artist Rachel Hellmann made her selections from sixty-eight entries in the regional juried exhibition.

Ter Meer is one of 39 artists from Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio featured in the exhibition in the gallery at 23 N. Sixth St.

Her abstract digital art can be viewed now through July 21, when the gallery will host a closing reception with Rachel Hellmann and several of the featured artists.

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36/52 “Mr. Tampa”

I met “Mr. Tampa” the first morning I took my camera down to Lake Hancock to catch an Orlando sunrise. He was launching his flat bottom boat at the Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort and Campground, and dad gummit, my Nikon battery was ‘dead in the water’ so to speak. By the time I returned with my Kodak, “Mr. Tampa” was half way across the lake.

We talked for the longest time on the day he agreed to be profiled, but we never exchanged names, only where we lived. Thus, the name. We talked of retirement and the RV lifestyle. He shared his secret to catching fish – shrimp. And he warned of the two 3-foot gators he had seen skimming the placid waters at dawn and in the beam of a flashlight in the cloak of darkness.

As you can see in the reflections, my daughter and her friend hung on every word.

Photo of the Week series: Every Sunday in 2012 I will either share a photo from my archives or something new I just can’t wait to get feedback on for future art shows/exhibits.

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