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‘Dr. Scully’ to be donated to new Union Hospital NICU

I am extremely honored to share that “Dr. Scully,” will have a dedicated wall space in the new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Union Hospital in Terre Haute, Indiana.

The double exposure image on aluminum of Dr. William E. Scully and the grand hospital entrance was created in Fall 2017 as my tribute to the late pediatrician, who was known and loved by so many at AP&S Clinic (now UAP Clinic) and the NICU at Union Hospital. During my research to create “Dr. Scully,” I found and added the fitting quote from the Hippocratic Oath: “With purity and with holiness I will pass my life and practice my Art.”

“Dr. Scully” at RCAA/Union Health “Celebration of Care” 125th Anniversary Celebration Juried Exhibition

NICU nurse Sue Hoopingarner appreciated my personal story  that inspired my “Dr. Scully” entry in the Union Health/River City Art Association “Celebration of Care” juried exhibition in November 2017 at the hospital. She too had her own personal story and decided that Dr. Scully’s life’s work should be remembered by present and future hospital staff and visitors to the  new NICU to be dedicated some time this year.

In a bittersweet moment, I entrusted “Dr. Scully” to Sue Hoopingarner’s care.

My story board accompanying “Dr. Scully” reads:

“Having entrusted the care of my four children to Dr. William E. Scully for 20 years, and after losing the “Dr. Scully” thousands of children and parents came to know and love in May of Union Hospital’s 125th celebration year, I chose to memorialize him in my artwork for the “Celebration of Care” exhibition.

I superimposed a precious moment keepsake of Dr. Scully with my newborn 20 years ago over a recent photograph of Union Hospital East to shine a light on his legacy as a pioneer in pediatric medicine and to celebrate his place among the luminaries in Union Hospital’s 125-year history.

Dr. Scully began his practice of pediatric medicine in 1961 with Drs. Werner Meyn and Thomas J. Conway at Associated Physicians and Surgeons (AP&S) Clinic, now Union Associated Physicians (UAP) Clinic.

In 1968, with the encouragement of Union Hospital Chief Administrator Joe Mackey and the help of Dr. Rodger West, Drs. Scully and Conway opened the first Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the state of Indiana at Union Hospital.

Dr. Scully served as Union Hospital’s Chief of Medical and Dental Staff in 1984 and 1990. He also taught pediatrics to residents in Union Hospital’s family practice residency program until his retirement in February 2000.

In 1992, during Union Hospital’s centennial year, Dr. Scully was honored with the first Weinbaum award, a prestigious award established to recognize physicians who provide extraordinary leadership and contribution to the care of patients at Union Hospital.

Dr. Scully served as President of the Medical and Dental Staff of Union Hospital in 1993, and the status of Emeritus Member of Medical and Dental Staff at Union was awarded to him in March 2000. Throughout his career, he served numerous terms as chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at Union.

I dedicate this artwork to the late Dr. Thomas J. Conway, Dr. Scully’s friend and associate, and another lifelong mentor to health care professionals in the Wabash Valley.”



Angry Peacock and The Woods Enchanted place again! Plus a special honor!

First, Second Place in Photography/Digital Art at RCAA 8th Annual Juried Exhibition
First, Second Place in Photography/Digital Art at RCAA 8th Annual Juried Exhibition




Again I am honored to have my contribution to the visual arts recognized and validated by professional jurors in Indiana and Illinois.

My digital artwork Angry Peacock received First Place and The Woods Enchanted received Second Place in the River City Art Association 8th Annual Juried Exhibition in Terre Haute, Indiana.

The exhibition can be viewed through Aug. 26 in the First Financial Bank in downtown Terre Haute.

A really humbling personal honor came at the end of the awards ceremony when RCAA founding member Monty “Indiana” Jones and other members of the Terre Haute-based artists group voted me recipient of the Marty Martinez Contributory Award.

This special award is given for an RCAA member’s dedicated service throughout the year, in memory of the late founding member and owner of the Raven Art Gallery in Terre Haute.