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12 days ’til Christmas

Today’s countdown photo was taken in February after an ice storm nearly crippled the Wabash Valley. Smaller trees bowed to the ground like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. The cradle fell from a older bough in the tree tops. This tall sturdy sycamore tree survived the harsh punishment, my dwarf peach tree didn’t. (See Suzy Snowflake 3XL post for more winter 2010-11 photos.)

All I want for Christmas is a pair of ice cleats and plenty of warm holiday cheer to get me through February.


Suzy Snowflake 3XL

Suzy Snowflake, dressed in her 3XL gown, danced through Brazil today leaving behind the first measurable snow of the season.

According to weather lore, I guess that means 29 #*&! snows till Easter and the Cadbury Bunny will be here, yes!

Don’t get me wrong, I love snow, especially Christmas snow, and extra-large snowflakes like today that you can easily catch on your tongue. I just hate the thought of driving on it and its evil fraternal twin, ice.

A winter wonderland is a beautiful sight to behold and photograph, which I did last December and in February when I couldn’t get to work after an ice storm nearly crippled the Wabash Valley.

If forecasters are right, we have a snowball’s chance in H.E. Double Hockey Sticks of missing a repeat of last winter’s dramatic performance.