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Bird’s Nest

According to a Web search, a mature seed head of Queen Anne’s Lace will close up upon itself to form a bowl looking somewhat like a bird’s nest. I captured this one before it turned a brownish color, another reason why it also is called Bird’s Nest Plant.

Queen Anne's Lace
Queen Anne’s Lace

An important side note: Queen Anne’s Lace is host to the Black Swallowtail butterfly,  which could account for it being one of the few common large butterflies left.

Black Swallowtail

Dandelion w(h)ine

Dandelion W(h)ineWhen life gives you dandelions …

Make dandelion wine!

I did not Google this to see if this has been said before … but when my ‘best friend’ said no amount of weed killer is going to get rid of the dandelions in God’s 3 green acres we are tending … I remembered a story I wrote for the Tribune-Star about a woman that turned her dandelions into food and WINE! So I’ve stopped whining and am now looking up the recipe! Of course, you have to pop their beautiful little yellow heads off before they go to seed. Another delightful thought!