Wednesday Wildflowers, Etc.

Went mushroom hunting last weekend and didn’t find a one. I did find a few wildflowers, mayapples and a jungle of old tree vines, or what we call grapevines, strong enough a big kid could swing on from tree to tree like Tarzan. (I wanted to, but decided against it. I was safer holding onto just the memory.)

I had no idea that tiny green insect was there until I downloaded the photo to my computer. I don’t know my wildflowers, so if anyone can identify them, comment away.

The mayapples are up early this year.

This vine forms an archway.

A tangled mess. Maybe George of the Jungle’s failed attempts?

A twisted grapevine.

Sorry, no sighting of Tarzan or George or any wild man for that matter. 😦

Update: The yellow wildflower is a Trout Lily. See comments below by Bonnie, Mark and Dezra. The blue blossoms are what I suspected – violets.


34 thoughts on “Wednesday Wildflowers, Etc.”

  1. Loved the walk. Flowers are sometimes better than mushrooms! Took pictures of Trout lilies last spring and waiting for them to open this year. We often are play if tag with our photographs!

  2. First yellow, then its complementary color—violet.
    Next are small leaves followed by big big leaves.
    Then lots of straight barks with a wildly curved bark as a foreground
    Finally, a terribly twisted bark.

    I love your sequence! 🙂

      1. I’m so far behind on my blog reading. And I’m in Michigan right now handling some matters for my mom’s estate. I really need to catch up. Your shots are always so pretty!

      2. Thanks, Lisa. I understand how hard it is to keep up with so much going on in our personal lives. I follow about 120 blogs and whew! it keeps me busy over early a.m. coffee and bedtime snack! Hope your estate matters go smoothly so you can have closure.

  3. I love, love, love wildflowers. There are tons of nice wildflower picture books. Pick up one for your region. You will love looking through (and learning names) it in the winter!

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