First DSLR experience

On June 8 my Best Friend surprised me with a new Nikon D5100!…  and a 16 G card … and a UV filter …  and a camera bag! No, it wasn’t my birthday, nor our 10-year anniversary (not till end of July).

I think my photographer friend in the newsroom where I work said it best when I showed him the manual, “Someone must REALLY like you!” Fact is, my Best Friend REALLY LOVES me despite the fact I had been pretty demanding since I fractured my fibula on May 29.

Our Orlando trip was just six days away and I was still hobbling around on a walker, so I referred to the manual and practiced indoors. I did manage to sit on my front and back porches, but I was frustrated with the kit lens limiting my zoom capability.

I got the OK to chuck the walker from doc two days before our trip to our Orlando Thousand Trails campground, Universal Studios and the Gulf of Mexico. I am now culling bad and duplicate shots from the probably 500 I took throughout our summer vacation. (FYI: I also took about 200 on my old camera.)

My recent Wordless Wednesday I took sitting on my couch while still under doctor’s orders not to walk on my fractured fibula. I liked how my glasses on the Nikon manual turned out but was disappointed to see the pet hair ruining my shot of the water bottle on the end table.

Oh, I could have edited that out; but achieving GREAT shots right out of the chute was not my expectation in my first of many learning experiences! The texture shot is the chair rail on the wall next to my recliner.

And Lola was the only pet that would sit still long enough for an up close and personal shot.

I promise,  I did get better on the long drive from Indiana to Orlando; photos to come.


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