Pics from the Preserve

In four days of camping over the Memorial Day weekend, I only took three pics worth posting. It was so cold at night (40 degrees) and then cold and raining a couple of days, and then it was muddy everywhere. We had to break camp and get on the road by noon today which, by the way, turned out warm and sunny!

The first two pics were taken at Horseshoe Lakes Thousand Trails Preserve in St. Bernice, Indiana.

On Friday I noticed the cottony seed tufts of the cottonwood trees drifting like huge snowflakes across a field of blue. Of course, here they look like tiny white lint or dust spots on my camera lens, but I did get a nice starburst from the sun glinting through the tree branches.


The flower is the same as what we have here in our woods, not sure what it is.

white flower in woods

On Saturday, I drove to nearby Clinton to snap this photo of the Wabash River. I’m told trains still use the old iron bridge.

Wabash River at Clinton, Indiana


6 thoughts on “Pics from the Preserve”

  1. Love all three of your photos..Sorry ir took so long to comment but I was tryingto look up your floeing fruit tree but was unsuccessful.. As for cottowood trees, there was on just north of the boat-ramp at Fairbanks Park up until a couple of years ago and I like seeing in in bloom..

  2. The blossoms are spectacular. If you took 400 pictures all weekend and that was the only good one, it would have been a weekend well spent with your camera. Amazing bokeh through the trees!! Just gorgeous. That looks almost like a dogwood blossom? Whatever it is, it’s very pretty. ~ Lisa

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