Niasunset and sheila365 to the rescue!

Thanks, ladies! With your help I have solved my problem! Anyone reading this post with similar problems (See original post below), check out the help given by bloggers niasunset and sheila365 in the comment section below.

HELP: Not getting email updates AT ALL!

HELP! I tried to remedy the WordPress comment follower problem. My settings still show all the blogs I follow and that I should get an instant email update when they post something new BUT I AM NOT GETTING EMAILS AT ALL! ARRGGG!

In the meantime, I have to go through my blogs/follow list, which is frustrating because not all bloggers update daily, and now it takes me even longer to check out what’s new on everyone’s blog! 😦

Can anyone help?


10 thoughts on “Niasunset and sheila365 to the rescue!”

  1. Hmm..things seem to be weird right now. I have the opposite problem and get emails about _everything_, including when other people comment on posts from blogs I follow, even if I haven’t got anything to do to with them. WordPress might be bugging?

    1. I thought I clicked on the right box in my settings to prevent the comment followers but now I may have to unfollow and refollow everyone again to see if that gets me emails from the blogs I want to follow! So frustrated if I have to do that! 😦

      1. Have you contacted WordPress support? They’re nice and helpful, at least when I contacted them a while ago.

      2. Thanks again, Sophy, for your concern. Luckily, did not have to contact support. A couple of bloggers gave me easy instruction and I found the fix!! Yippee! I am now getting emails and now know how to keep it from happening again. You still have to remember to uncheck the follow comment box every time you make a comment on someone’s blog. Go back to my post and read Nia and Sheila’s comments on how to fix the comment email problem.

  2. Hi sheila, I can’t really figure out what wordpress has done here. Seems very confusing. There seem to be 2 places to view this info, and only 1 to change it:

    1) check at (this should show blogs you follow via email notification, and comments you follow via email notification). You seem to only be able to “unfollow” from this page, or change frequency.

    2) check at the!/read/edit/ page, where you can new blogs to follow (at the top). I find it nice that you can add URLs for non wordpress blogs here, so they show up in your reader. For wordpress blogs you follow on your reader, you change whether you get email notifications when these blogs post new posts and if so, how frequently. It does not appear that comment subscription notifications are visible or configurable on this page.

    good luck!

  3. It’s really been annoying the way WordPress has mess up for us bloggers. I hope they soon get the message and hear the roar of disapproval! And I hope you get to solve your problem – mine has been way too many emails, which of course I now know how to remedy, if I only remember to de-check before posting a comment.

    1. Hi, munchow, I did get the problem fixed, thanks for sharing my frustration. I hope WordPress will fix that feature so the box is NOT already checked and leave it up to the commenter to check the box! Hope they get the message SOON!

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